Devbook 23.02.2016, 11:22 Uhr

Mobile Developer’s Guide to the Galaxy – 14th Edition

Seit 2009 veröffentlicht Enough Software einmal im Jahr ihren englischsprachigen Mobile Developer's Guide, in dem Entwickler und Entscheider Antworten auf zentrale aktuelle Fragen finden, die sich beim Einstieg in die mobile Branche stellen - so auch in der 14. Auflage.

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When we started Enough Software in 2005, almost no one amongst our friends and families understood what we were actually doing. Although mobile phones were everywhere and
SMS widely used, apps were still a niche phenomena – heck, even the name ‘apps’ was lacking – we called them MIDlets or
“mobile applications” at the time. We kept on architecting, designing and developing apps for our customers – and it has been quite a few interesting years since then: old platforms faded, new platforms were born and a selected few took over the world by storm. Overall: the mobile ecosystem really kicked ass. With the Mobile Developers Guide to the Galaxy, we began to follow this ecosystem closely. Thanks to our contributing authors, this guide now covers a whopping eight mobile platforms, even after dropping some platforms such as Symbian or webOS along the way. This is the first edition in which we cover Tizen, by the way. This edition is the biggest thus far, with over 10,000 copies printed on first press – and without our sponsors, this guide would not come to be. Thanks to Paypal – do visit to join one of their many great offerings! And thanks to SAP, please find out more regarding their (great!) mobile platform offerings on Of course we are especially happy to welcome Twilio as a first-time sponsor for this edition. Check out to find out how their tools can help you with everything from app distribution, improving security through 2 factor authentication, to implementing VoIP and messaging features into your apps.

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